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Water  Deaeration ‘DAL Plants’  Decarbonation & Degassing

DeGaS Cold

Cold Column

DeGaS Hot

Hot Column





Water Deaeration and Decarbonation Systems

Known as ‘DAL Plants’ in the UK brewing industry

Dissolved gases, especially oxygen in water, beer, beverages and many hygiene critical liquids can result increased microbial growth, product flavour degradation, increased spoilage and adverse colour changes. Gases in water based inks can lead to inconsistent surface coverage. In other industries dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide in process water accelerates expensive corrosion, especially in boilers and turbines.

Centec deaeration systems are available in a choice of three operating principles. Column Deaeration (DeGaS), Membrane Deaeration (DGS) and Vessel Deaeration (VeGaS). Column and Membrane systems are used to reduce the levels of dissolved oxygen and dissolved carbon dioxide in water to extremely low levels. Vessel deaeration is better suited to other liquids, including syrups, ketchup, inks and many others. De-Carbonation (CRS) Membrane systems remove carbon dioxide and oxygen rom fermented drinks, using N2 as the sweep gas.


Typical Capacity range and achievable Oxygen or CO2 levels for water:

DeGaS column systems are extremely reliable and tolerant. DGS systems have US FDA conforming hollow-fibre membranes, making them suitable for both food and pharmaceutical applications. DGS achieves the best overall gas reduction performance. To deoxygenate water the stripping and sweep gases are nitrogen or carbon dioxide.

Water Deaeration and Liquids Degassing Equipment

Video of a large Centec DGS system operating in a brewery in South America.

A small Centec DGS Series Membrane water deaerator

Centec Sensors


Centec DeGaS-C Series

Column water deaerator with optional water cooler

Centec deaerators are used across industry, for example: