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Welcome to Protecnica Solutions Ltd

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Protecnica Solutions Ltd are an experienced supplier of instrumentation and technology to

the manufacturing industries, especially for  processing liquids in the hygiene & sterility critical industries

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We represent ABER Instruments Ltd, Bactest Ltd and CENTEC GmbH  Our range includes superb product and microbiology sensing instruments and automated process systems, designed for hygienic and sterile liquids in breweries, beverage, food, pharmaceutical & healthcare product manufacturing facilities.

Microbiology detection and Live Yeast Cell Monitoring, Oxygen & Density Measurement, Water Deaeration, Continuous Liquids Blending and Carbonation are particular specialities.

Innovation Engineered for Manufacturing Excellence

Instrumentation & Skid Mounted Process Systems

for Hygienic & Industrial Liquids Production

Process Systems Product Sensing Process Instruments Sintered Metal Components Skid Mounted Process Systems

Using our years of experience and contacts in the manufacture of precision engineered equipment, we have for many years supplied high quality small custom made sintered metal components to producers of high volume of OEM machines and devices.

Precision Engineered Sintered Metal Components

Parts for OEM equipment and machine manufacturers

In Line Process Instruments

& Product Analysis Sensors

Automated Skid Mounted

Process Systems

Laboratory Analysers

& Portable Instruments

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Bactest Ltd, the innovative Cambridge based microbiology analysis equipment producer have selected Protecnica Solutions Ltd as a leading partner for supplying Speedy Breedy to the UK & Irish markets, with special emphasis on the brewing and beverage production sectors. Speedy Breedy is an amazing award winning, new portable device for easily and quickly identifying microbial contamination of water, drinks, liquids, surface swabs and even dry materials. It has glowing third-party tests reports from Campden BRI

A wide range of bacteria and yeasts are detectable. Speedy Breedy features include TVC General Contamination testing and also selective tests for a range specific of micro-organisms, including wild yeast, lactic acid spoilers and many more. Speedy can be much faster and easier that conventional agar plate tests. Tests can be monitored live, saved, emailed and exported using a standard PC. Users can even be notified automatically by email if contamination is detected.

A fantastic and invaluable piece of kit in our battle against infection!”  Read more…