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Oxygen Dissolved in Liquids and in Mixed Gases

Fluid Concentration Analysers

Instrumentation for Manufacturing Personal Care Products

Process Monitoring, Liquids & Oxygen Analysis & Control Sensors

Rapid Microbiology Testing Equipment


Dissolved oxygen in process water and finished products often reduces product quality, accelerates microbial activity and shortens shelf-life. Centec Oxytrans instruments accurately monitor oxygen levels in liquids down to 1 ppb and in mixed gases. Reducing the oxygen content of water can help impede micro-organism activity. In process utilities, oxygen in water can greatly accelerate expensive corrosion, especially at elevated temperatures in heat exchangers and boilers.


Health & Personal care products such as lotions are commonly aqueous emulsions blended with various other ingredients. Shampoos, hair conditioners, cough syrups, deodorants and many other products are blends of various liquids. Centec product analysers measure physical characteristics like density and sound velocity though fluids, both correlate to concentration. This data is used to monitor and control process systems. Continuous in-line liquid blending can be achieved with greater accuracy, even under fluctuating process conditions.

CENTEC SONATEC TR very accurately measure the speed of ultrasound through a liquid, which correlates to solution concentration. It mounts in-line for fast response and easy cleaning. Data can be display in a number of concentration units of measure. The concentration of solutions displayed on the sensor and an a 4-20mA analogue output. SONATEC TR can be used for fluid ‘interface’ detection in a pipe, between product and water for example. Digital contacts can be configured to operate at High and Low level set-points to automate the operation of others devices or alarm signals.

SONATEC HW like SONATEC TR also measures ultrasound velocity through liquids. The HW is mounted into the wall of a vessel making it ideal for monitoring a process such as evaporation or batch dilution. A CIP spray nozzle and sample point are offered as an options.

CENTEC RHOTEC TR - An on-line device for accurately determining liquid product concentration by density measurement. It monitors small changes in the high frequency oscillation of a U tube through which the liquids flows. This instrument is extremely accurate and can operate continuously on vast range of liquids from simple solutions to complex mixtures or aggressive media. RHOTEC is ideal for controlling high precision continuous liquids blending.

CENTEC TR Transmitters are used on Centec sensors. The robust IP65 housing contains electronics to receive data from the sensor transducers and process it into useful information for local display or transmission as both analogue and digital I/O for communication with process control systems and other devices. TR Transmitters are stand alone 24V devices which are programmable for a large number of products, each with it’s own unique analogue and digital I/O signal configuration. Profibus DP is also available. Products can be selected automatically by digital binary inputs from a control system. Transmitter housings are available in powder coated aluminium or polished stainless to suit customer specific requirements.

Specialist Instrumentation for Oxygen Monitoring and Accurate Liquids Blending

COMPLIANCE & VALIDATION FOR PHARMACEUTICALS - Centec mainly supply equipment for hygiene critical applications in the beverage, food and healthcare sectors. For pharmaceuticals compliance to US FDA material requirements is a key consideration in the design and manufacture of Centec equipment. Our process engineers are well versed in the needs and validation procedures of the pharmaceutical industry. Centec are certified to EU Directive 93/42/EEC for manufacturing Class IIb medical devices. Centec software engineers are frequently involved in high purity water systems which follow GMP and GAMP guidelines.   

CENTEC OXYTRANS use optical luminescence to measure oxygen down to 1 pbb, dissolved in numerous liquids and in mixed gases.

- Oxytrans TR is mounted in-line for fast response and excellent cleanability, even up to 130°C

- Oxytrans TR-W also mounts in-line, but TR-W includes a manual or pneumatic retraction feature for very aggressive sanitization with ‘hypo’ or Ozone for example. It also enables fast maintenance

- Oxytrans M is a rechargeable digital portable oxygen meter with a high capacity datalogging facility.

Speedy Breedy


Speedy Breedy - A new device for quickly accessing the degree of microbial contamination in water, liquids, surface swabs and even in some dry materials, by many common bacteria and yeasts. Applications include final product and raw material inspection, water analysis and significantly the testing of new anti-microbial and cleaning products during development.  

Speedy Breedy is easy & quick to use, available 24/7 - Its great for busy process operators or lab technicians. With minimal training, it can provide early warning of infection even in a few hours. An alarm email can be sent automatically to key personnel.

Speedy Breedy is Significantly faster and more pro-active than traditional agar plates. Quickly test for general contamination or for specific organisms by using the selective media vessels, under automatic control in totally sealed test conditions, e.g.: E.Coli, Coliforms, Pseudomonas, Streptococci and many more.

Rapid Microbiology Analysis of Personal Care Products

CENTEC produce a range of automated process skids for water purification, WFI production, water deaeration, liquids blending and CIP They are pre-assembled in Centec’s factory for quick on site installation and commissioning.


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