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Analogue 4-20mA Input and Output Signals

Easy set-up High & Low Level Digital Alarms

Profibus DP Network Communications

Robust IP65 Construction

TR Transmitters by Centec GmbH

TR Series transmitters receive and process data from the sensing transducers on Oxytrans TR, Sonatec TR, Rhotec TR and Combitec TR. To avoid data corruption and external electric noise the data is processed and output values are calculated within the instrument for display on the LCD screen. This is perfect for a basic stand alone applications. Centec TR instruments only require a 24 V DC electrical supply.

TR Transmitters can be set-up via the device menu on the LCD screen, or via a USB interface to a PC or laptop computer running ‘Centec Viewer’ software. This allows various parameters, calculation constants, output units and alarm points to be set more than 100 different products. Once set, process control systems can access these set points as part of a standard recipe control system.

When access is restricted an external display option is available (TR-W). The separate screen can be mounted in a convenient position up to 10 metres from the sensor head.

For applications with larger process control systems, TR Transmitters have ample I-O connections for both digital and analogue (4-20 mA) communications. Profibus DP cards are available as a standard option.

As standard, TR Transmitters have robust IP65 epoxy powder coated cast aluminium housings. They are eminently suitable for most process environment applications. As an option, STAINLESS STEEL housings are available for use in corrosive environments or where painted surfaces are not allowed, such as pharmaceutical plants.  

Centec sensors can be used with most modern PLCs such as Siemens, Allen Bradley/Rockwell, etc. For smaller automated process applications, Centec’s cost effective MCM systems are available. Their processing power and I/O capacity are less than a full PLC, making the suitable for less complex ‘lower budget’ applications. MCM use standard programming software and connections

TR Series I-O Signal Transmitters for Centec Process Monitoring Instruments


TR Transmitter on Oxytrans TR

Extended display option

shown with Sonatec TR

 TR Stainless Steel Housing Option

TR transmitter in a brewery

measuring oxygen as an Oxytrans TR

Centec MCM 68 Control System

with touch screen HMI for Low I/O Systems

I/O Signal Processors and Transmitters for Product Sensing Instruments   

MCM 68 (UK).pdf

Centec MCM 68 Leaflet