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Dealcoholization of Beer & Cider



Centec Sensors


Dealcoholisation for Alcohol-free Beverages

Consumer demand for quality, choice & value in a competitive market put pressures on margins and production. Product innovation and new developments are essential for all businesses especially in beverage production. Low and zero alcohol products is a growing potentially lucrative sector.

In recent years Centec have developed a new and highly effective method of removing alcohol from beers, ciders and wines. Several of these systems have been in full commercial production for some time, producing good quality drinks.  

Centec DEALCOTEC systems produce drinks with an alcohol content down to 0.01% ABV. Important volatile flavours and aroma are essential for producing a quality product. Centec technology can capture many of these compounds and add them back into the finished low alcohol product.   

The recovered alcohol at about 35% ABV can be used in other products on site or sold. Optional equipment concentrates alcohol to 90% ABV, making it economic for transport.

Capacity: From 200 litres/hr to 20 m3/hr or more

Operation: 24 hour,

CIP every 1-2 weeks


DeAlcoTec Brochure