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Water  Treatment & Filtration

Raw Water Treatment

Centec technology produces water for a wide range of applications. From basic clean water for wash-down duties right up to the highest quality deionised, pyrogen-free sterile water for use in injectable API solutions and for the production of the smallest, most sensitive electronics semi-conductors.

Water is fundamental to life of all types. In the natural environment it can harbour and transmit many hazardous micro-organisms and toxins. The composition and condition of water varies greatly depending many factors, such as the source and the storage conditions. To produce the correct quality of water for a specific product or process application there are often several treatment stages.

Starting with ‘clean’ raw water and depending greatly on the source there can be numerous stages of purification, beginning with basic filtration to remove any suspended solids and particles. Micro-organisms must be eliminated. Iron, manganese, heavy metals etc need taking out, as do dissolved chemicals, tastes and odours. In many cases ‘softening’ or ‘ion exchange’ are required, especially in ‘hard water’ areas. UV (Ultra Violet) sanitization is commonly used. Micro-filtration and Ultra-filtration cross-flow membrane filters are used to remove bacteria and viruses. Cartridge filters are often used to provide added security for the plant in case of an up stream failure.

Beginning with initial water treatment, Centec provide skid mounted systems which subsequently purify and process water for virtually any requirement. Our water systems are supplied for customers throughout the beverage, food, healthcare, pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical, fine chemical and semi-conductor industries.

Capacity range: 1 to 500 m3/h

To evaluate a customer’s requirement a full water analysis is required for the incoming water supply and a specification for water quality after processing; together with information about the application, duty, site, location, etc.


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Treatment of Salt Water

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