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Rapid Live Yeast Cell Concentration Analysis

Fast Accurate & Reliable Cell Counting

Much easier, quicker and more accurate than a Haemocytometer

Automate your Yeast Cell Counting - avoid the tedium !

Great beer needs healthy yeast -  get it right every time!


by Aber Instruments Ltd.   Designed and made in Wales.

Bench-top yeast analysers for quick and accurate assessment of yeast cell suspensions to determine the concentration of good, healthy, viable live cells.  

Saves time (takes about 10 seconds) and greatly improves counting consistency

- A significant improvement over traditional counting methods

Applications: Reliable yeast control is vital for all breweries. By measuring only live cells, CLYA allows laboratories to quickly and consistently check the viability of numerous yeast slurries.

Applications include:

Operating principle: Live yeast cells with intact cell walls are able to hold a small electrical charge, known as capacitance. By using a radio frequency field the instrument measures the minute charge, which is in proportion the population of live cells.  In conjunction with the wort conductivity, once calibrated with the yeast characteristics CLYA quickly calculates the number of viable yeast cells in a suspension as viable Cells per ml or as %Spun Solids.

Installation: Bench-top mounted.

Memory capacity to store the calibration characteristics of up to 20 yeast strains.

Benefits: Very accurate, No dilution required, Reliable, Long operating life, Easy to use and easy to clean. Much quicker, easier and more consistent than traditional haemocytometers. Greatly improved fermentation consistency, better beer, less waste, less hassle


Bench-top Compact Laboratory Yeast Analyser. ABER Instruments Ltd are the world leader is this amazing technology. First developed 25 years ago, ABER yeast monitors are used around the World by most major international breweries.


Operating range based on typical 6 μm cells:

Measuring Range: 0 to 100% viable spun solids  or 0 to 6x109 live cells/ml

Working Range: 0.5 to 70% viable spun solids or 1x107 to 5x109 live cells/ml

Output: Local 3.5” touch-screen HMI

Temperature: Normal ambient operating range: 15 to 30°C. Operating limits: Min. 5 to Max. 40°C. Clean at higher temperatures as required

Sample size: 40 ml (a magnetic flea mixer is included inside sample chamber)

Electrical Supply: 24 VDC 15W (supplied with unit)

Dimensions: (approx.) H: 272, W: 210, D: 449 mm. Wt. 4.7 kg

Enclosure: IP42. Heavy duty plastic case

Technical Specifications

Yeast - A brewery’s hardest, most dependable worker and often unsung hero!

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ABER Compact Laboratory

Yeast Analyser

Aber_Compact_Lab_Yeast_Analyser_Brochure Set-up & Calibration Training Video