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Instrumentation for Milk, Dairy & Food Processing

In-line Dissolved Oxygen Analysis, Improves Shelf Life

Inline Density & Fat Content Monitoring

Fast Microbiology Analysis

CENTEC technology is designed for continuous automated processes, where the control and monitoring of product quality is of the highest priority. Centec sensors are robust & reliable, making them especially good for modern ‘lean-manufacturing’ businesses.

CENTEC SONATEC TR sensors very accurately measure the speed of sound through liquids, which correlates to solution concentration. It works well with simple solutions such as sugar dissolved in water. Results are displayed locally and can be transmitted as a 4-20 mA or Profibus DP output to a process control system. SONATEC TR can also be used for fluid ‘interface detection’ for liquids flow through a pipe or for final inspection just before the filler.

SONATEC HW like SONATEC TR also measures ultrasound velocity through liquids. However the HW is mounted into the wall of a vessel, making it ideal for monitoring a process such as evaporation, batch dilution or for product inspection/monitoring. A dedicated CIP spray nozzle and sample point are offered as an options.

CENTEC RHOTEC TR - An on-line device for determining fluid concentration of SG, by accurately measuring liquid density. Small changes in the high frequency oscillation of a U tube provide a high level of precision. TR units have a large programmable product memory for alarm points setting. Applications include: Fat content monitoring in milk and dairy products, spread production, emulsions, etc. Analysis of sugar and other density adjusting ingredients, and many more

CENTEC OXYTRANS measures the oxygen content both dissolved in water & liquids or in mixed gases. Oxygen dissolved in milk, water, etc can significantly reduce the shelf life of many products, leading to synaeresis (whey separation) in yoghurt for example. Oxygen in process heating systems can accelerate costly corrosion to boilers and heat exchangers.  

Highly accurate down to 1 pbb. The optical devices have low maintenance requirements, typically only needing a sensing window change every 18 months.

Oxygen Dissolved in Liquids & Mixed Gases

Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring

Liquid Product Concentration Analysis

Fluid Density & Concentration Analysers

Product Analysers for Dairy, Milk, Ice Cream & Food

TR Transmitters are used on Centec sensors. Inside their robust IP65 housings they receive data from the sensor transducers and process it into useful information. Data is displayed on a LCD screen. I/O signals include analogue, digital and Profibus DP for communication with process control systems and other devices. TR Transmitters are stand alone devices with a local and remote display options. They are programmable for a large number of products, each with their own configurable analogue and digital I/O set-up. For expanding the process automation functionality, consider adding a Centec MCM (a mini PLC).

Speedy Breedy


Speedy Breedy

Speedy Breedy - Food safety legislation is vital for public health. The fast and effective detection and elimination of microbial contamination is an essential part of any robust HACCP system.

Speedy Breedy is easy & quick to use, it is available 24/7 for inspecting water, milk, liquid egg, meat, ice cream, fruit juice, etc. With minimal training an early warning of infection can be detected in a just  few hours. An alarm email can be sent automatically to key personnel. This new device is significantly faster, easier and more pro-active than traditional agar plating techniques. Test quickly for general contamination or specific organisms using selective media vessels, in automatically controlled, totally sealed test conditions, e.g.: E.Coli, Coliforms, Salmonelli, Listeria, yeasts and many more.

all micro-organisms tested in this project were detectable by the Speedy Breedy respirometer technology and detection was more rapid than by traditional microbiology in all cases [Summary report: Application of Speedy Breedy to determine the microbiological quality of raw meat, orange juice, milk. Campden BRI - Oct. 2013]

The Speedy Breedy performed well and was able to provide detection times of around

[Application of Speedy Breedy to determine the microbiological quality of ice-cream wrt. E.coli, colifoms and TVC. Campden BRI - Feb. 2014]

Rapid Microbiology Testing of Milk, Dairy, Ice Cream & Food

CENTEC produce a range of automated process skids including precision liquids blending, water deaeration & treatment, Pasteurisers, CIP sets, and more.

CentecGmbH_leaflet_Dairy.pdf Ice Cream Summary report.pdf milk.pdf

Summary Report

Ice Cream Report

Milk Report

Meat, Orange juice, milk Summary report.pdf raw meat.pdf

Raw Meat Report

Centec Dairy Systems & Sensors Leaflet

SONATEC_Sugar Production.pdf

SONATEC in Sugar Production

RHOTEC_Milk Standardization.pdf

Milk Standardisation RHOTEC

O2 Measurement in Food and Beverage Manufacturing.pdf

Oxygen in Food OXYTRANS

Food Application PDF Datasheets

Applications in sugar manufacturing.pdf

Sugar Processing

Product Analysis for Dairy & Food Products

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