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The staff at Protecnica Solutions Ltd previously worked for various OEM equipment manufacturers. By maintaining our knowledge and contacts in this specialist market, we have supplied precision custom made sintered components for many years.

The mould tools and parts are made to the suit specific designs and needs of each customer. When batch volumes are sufficiently high, sintering is a very cost effective production process for small high accuracy metal parts. The manufacturing process involves the pressing of fine metal powder into a mould to form the right shapes and profiles, after which the parts are carefully heated at high temperature to fuse the powder and tightly tolerance dimensions and bores are ‘sized’ to ensure accuracy. The resultants parts are both strong and stable. The best materials for sintering are iron, steel and bronze. Stainless steel can be produced in many cases, but it needs careful consideration and process control.  Post treatments such as oil impregnation are a useful feature, especially for load bearing components.

An important design constraint is that undercuts must be avoided.

Quantities: It is often impractical to make small quantities. In general, production batches should be at least 10,000 pieces if the material is commonly used in our production. When the powder material is not common, batches sizes may need to be higher… please ask

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Sintering - Specialist manufacture of complex high precision metal components using fine metal powder