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PerfectPitch Yeast Control Industrial & Chemical Video & Learning

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‘PerfectPitch’ by Aber Instruments

Precision Yeast Control for Craft Breweries

Improves Fermentation Predictability

Improves Flavours and Consistency

Improves ABV and Control


by Aber Instruments Ltd - Made in Wales

Due for release in 2014, PerfectPitch combines the live cell concentration measurement of an ABER COMPACT Yeast Monitor (e.g. Cells/ml) with analogue data from a flowmeter (e.g. ml/min). Consequently PerfectPitch calculates the real pitching rate in ‘live cells per minute

- Just perfect for yeast pitching.   

Overcome the imprecision of weight based pitching by dosing precisely the right number of healthy cells in the wort on route to the Fermentation Vessel. Recipes can be set based on ‘Yeast Strain’, ‘FV volume’ and required ‘cell count’.

The V350 colour HMI touchscreen includes a graphical representation during the pitch and live readings. When the pitched cell target is reached and PerfectPitch notifies the operator. A digital output signal is included, which can be used to automatically close a valve or stop a pump.

Operating principle: Live yeast cells can hold a small electrical charge whereas dead cells do not. The capacitance of yeast slurry changes in proportion the population of live yeast cells. By measuring very small changes in capacitance while the cells pass though a radio frequency field, together with fluid conductivity, live cell concentration is calculated in cells/ml or % spun solids. When used with flow meter data, the result is PerfectPitch, which allows small brewers to benefit from an advantage that larger producers have had for many years… consistency.


Measuring range: ca. 0.5 to 70% spun solids or 20x106 to 5x109 live cells/ml for 6 μm cells

Temperature: Operating range: 5 to 40°C. CIP: up to 95°C; SIP: up to 140°C


Consistently Better Beer = Happy Customers = Better Business


PerfectPitch Brochure

Video & Learning

Learn more about Aber yeast monitoring instruments