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Instruments for Continuous Liquid Density Measurement

On-line Fluid Concentration Analysers  

Solution Strength Analysis & Process Control

Evaporator Monitoring Control

Measuring range:

Temperature compensation: PT 1000


Operating Temperature: Standard: -25°C to +125°C

Pressure range: up to 50 bar g. Max.

Process connections: 3/8” BSP male; Flanges DIN, ISO, ANSI; Varivent© Clamp, others on request

Materials in product contact: 1.4404 (316L) s/steel. Numerous exotic alloys as options

Electrical Supply: TR models: 24 V DC 1.5 amp

Enclosure: IP 65.

Case material: Aluminium (epoxy power coated); Option for TR models: Polished stainless steel.


RHOTEC by Centec GmbH

On-line Instruments for continuous accurate measurement of liquid density. Made in Germany  

Applications: Accurate density analysis of numerous liquids to determine their concentration. Perfect for liquid blending, process reaction, fermentation monitoring and evaporation control, final product inspection, quality management and record keeping. Accurate sensing improves process control and cuts costs. High precision instruments, Certified by the German Government for the accurate measurement of alcohol for taxation purposes

Install as: On-Line Sensors with an in-line fitting or on a pumped by-pass.

Ample I-O connections are provided for superb process control connectivity

Operating principle: High frequency oscillating U tube.

Benefits: Very accurate, Reliable, Long operating life, CIP Cleanable, Virtually no maintenance, Numerous material options to suit almost any liquid.

Rhotec TR

On-Line fluid density measuring instruments.

Rhotec ATEX

On-Line fluid density measuring instruments for explosion risk environments

Fluid Density Sensors, Concentration & Specific Gravity Analysers

Technical Specifications


Rhotec TR

Rhotec - ATEX

Rhotec for hydrochloric acid

Rhotec for distillation control




RHOTEC_Milk Standardization.pdf

Milk Standardisation RHOTEC


Brewhouse Extract


RHOTEC_Acid Concentration.pdf

Acid Concentration Measurement

Concentration Measurement of H3BO3 in Nuclear Power Plants.pdf

Boric acid (H3BO3) Measurement for Nuclear Fission Control  

RHOTEC_Offset Printing.pdf

Acid Measurement for Offset Printing Plate Production  

RHOTEC_Caustic Concentration.pdf

Caustic Concentration Measurement

RHOTEC_Semiconductor Manufacturing.pdf

Semi Conductor Hydrofluoric Acid Measurement

Rhotec TR - On-Line

Liquid Density Analysers for Process & Beverage Applications

Application Examples for Density Measurement