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Fluid Concentration Analysis Instruments using Sound Velocity

Process Mixing, Evaporation and Reaction Control

Continuous In-line Product Inspection

Product and Fluids Interface Detection

Measuring range: 400 - 3000 m/s. (Pure water is: 1497 m/s @ 25°C)

Temperature compensation: PT 1000


Operating Temperature: Standard: -25°C to +125°C

Pressure range: up to 16 bar g. Max.

Process connections: DIN 11851; Varivent DN 65-100 / 2½-4", ISO, DIN, ANSI flanges and others on request

Materials in product contact: 1.4404 (316L) s/steel. Numerous other materials as options

Electrical Supply: 24 V DC 1.5 amp

Enclosure: IP 65.

Case material: Aluminium (epoxy power coated); Option for TR models: Polished stainless steel.


SONATEC by Centec GmbH        Made in Germany

 instruments for the continuous and accurate in-line measurement sound velocity through liquids. In many fully dissolved solutions the speed of sound increases in proportion to the concentration.

Applications: Accurate concentration analysis of numerous liquids by measuring the velocity of sound through the fluid. This is used to quickly and continuously monitor small changes in the characteristics, relates to the concentration in many fully dissolved solutions. Applications include dissolver monitoring, evaporation control,  crystallisation detection, final product inspection, interface detection, contaminant warning, policing of tanker filling/discharging and batch/trend record keeping.

Install: Sensors are available as In-Line instruments or Tank-mount on the top, side or bottom of a vessel. They includes ample analogue & digital I-O connections for process control and alarms

Operating principle:  Measures the speed of sound through the fluid.

Benefits: Very accurate, Reliable, Long operating life, CIP Cleanable, Virtually no maintenance, Numerous material options to suit almost any liquid.

Sonatec TR - In-Line sound velocity measuring instruments.

Sonatec HW - Tank Mounted sound velocity measuring instruments.

In-line Solution Concentration Analysis by Sound Velocity Measurement

Technical Specifications


Sonatec TR

Sonatec HW for ATEX Vessels

Sonatec HW

Evaporator monitoring ATEX

Product inspection during tanker filling

SONATEC (UK).pdf SONATEC_Extract.pdf

Brewhouse Extract


SONATEC_Acid Concentration.pdf

Acid Concentration Measurement by Sound Velocity

SONATEC_Caustic Concentration.pdf

Caustic Concentration Measurement by Sound Velocity



Application Examples for Sound Velocity

Solution Concentration Measurement

Liquid Density Analysers for Process & Beverage Applications