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Carbonation  Dissolved CO2 Content

Sugar & Diet Concentration

Oxygen Content Analysis

Conductivity, pH, Colour, Turbidity

SDA 500 by Centec GmbH

Manufactured in Germany

SDA 500 Soft Drinks Analysers are compact modular systems for continuously monitoring beverages for final quality inspection just before filling. The SDA 500 uses various reliable well proven sensing technologies. The SDA system is based on a standard Centec design which is normally tailored to specific customer requirements.

Product details, warning/alarm limits for various product specific parameters can be set for up to 255 different products. These are programmed into the secure Centec MCM control unit. SDA 500 either can operate independently or as part of a larger process control / quality system.  

SDA 500 Soft drinks analysers are specifically made for the beverage industry. They meet the rugged hygienic design requirements for reliable and safe application with food products.

Accurate instruments inside SDA 500 can monitor a variety of parameters such as:

Automated Product Quality Inspection Systems for Soft Drinks Processing

Soft Drinks Automated Quality Control Analysers