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Laboratory Inspection, Quality Control, Product Safety for Consumer Health Process Monitoring and System Automation

Microbial Contamination Detection - Brewery Yeast Counting

O2 and CO2 Content - Product Concentration Measurement  

Protecnica Solutions Ltd supply high accuracy equipment, sensors and monitoring instruments for analysing microbes, liquids and gases. Our equipment is used in a diverse range of industries from hygienic and sterile liquids production, to chemicals manufacture and water monitoring in power stations. We provide stand-alone in-line & on-line product sensors for process automation & quality control. Our laboratory bench-top and portable handheld instruments accurately measure oxygen content, live yeast cell concentrations for brewers and the respiration of micro-organisms for fast & easy product inspection.

Distributors for Centec GmbH, Aber Instruments Ltd, Bactest Ltd

Inline Yeast Cell ‘Counters’

Yeast Cell Concentration Sensors

DO2 in Liquids, O2 in Mixed Gas

Oxygen Content

Dissolved CO2

Sonatec HW

Vessel Sensor

Sound Velocity

Combitec TR

On-Line Sensor

Fluid Density

Fluid Solution Concentration Analysers

Portable & Bench-Top Laboratory Instruments

Aber Instruments Ltd

Made in Wales

Centec GmbH

Made in Germany

Bactest Ltd

Made in England

In-line and On-line Process & Product Monitoring Instruments

Bench-top Yeast Cell ‘Counter’

Bench-top Compact Lab Yeast Analyser measures the minute electrical charge holding capacity of live cells to quickly determine the concentration of viable yeast cells. Perfect for Breweries. Improves pitching, yeast management, brew time consistency & product quality

Biomass Electrical Capacitance

Quenched Optical Luminescence

Speedy Breedy

The Microbial Respirometer - CYTOMAIA

Portable Oxygen Content Measurement

Portable handheld instrument to measure and datalog the concentration of oxygen  in liquids and in mixed gases.

Principle: quenched optical luminescence. Measure: 1 ppb - 2 ppm or 30 ppb - 50 ppm. Essential for product quality QA, water, DAL & condensate analysis and for process monitoring.

Award Winning

Portable unit for rapid microbial contamination. Check in water, liquids, wet & dry products and swabs.

Monitor General Sterility or specific bacteria & yeasts.  Automatically measures respiration under controlled conditions. A ‘must-have’ for HACCP systems.

Faster & easier than agar plates

** Quick - Accurate - Easy - Reliable - Essential **

Ultrasonic Analysis

Oscillating U-tube

Drinks Carbonation


3-Part Liquids

Complex Liquids

Oxytrans M




Speedy Breedy


Oxytrans TR

In-Line Sensor

Oxytrans TR-W


Carbotec TR-PT

In-Line Sensor

Adapt 410PV

In-Line Sensor

Compact 410

In-Line Sensor

Sonatec TR

In-Line Sensor

Rhotec TR

On-Line Sensor

Product Analysers, Sensors and Process Instrumentation

Applications for Instrumentation