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Water  Filtration & Purification

Highly Purified Water

for Pharmaceuticals & Semiconductors


Security Filters


Reverse Osmosis


Ultra Filtration


High Purity Water




Pure Steam & WFI

High Purity Water Purification by Centec

Water is the basis for life and a significant ingredient in many liquid products. It is also vital for many manufacturing processes.

Water quality requirements and specifications vary greatly depending on the application. After raw water has been treated and softened for example, additional filtration and purification are often required before the water can be safely used.

Centec produce a large range of water systems for variety of industries. From the production of paints and chemicals, to beer, drinks and personal care products, right through to the very highest requirements for sterile bio-pharmaceuticals production and semi-conductor manufacture.

Centec are an approved and certified manufacturer of

Water Treatment Systems of Dialysis’,

designated as Class IIb Medical Devices under EU Directive 93/42/EEC.

Crossflow filtration systems supplied by Centec include:

Micro Filtration -to remove bacteria and small suspended solids

Ultra Filtration - As Micro, plus viruses

Nano Filtration - As Ultra, plus most multivalent ions

Reverse Osmosis - As Nano, plus all multi and mono-valent ions, i.e. only water is the only filtrate with RO

Depending on the application and more typically for pharmaceuticals, electro-deionisation (EDI) is another option, which might be part of a Highly Purified Water system.

Water Filtration & Purification Systems

Where water is required for US FDA validated processes, Pure Steam evaporation stills and WFI condensing systems are manufactured. Centec are well versed in GMP and GAMP guidelines and the ‘V model’ qualification procedure. Within the Centec group there is considerable experience of pharmaceuticals manufacturing from both quality management and technical engineering perspectives.

 Pharmaceutical Validation

Centec STILL Series

Multi-effect WFI distillation system


Centec in Pharmaceuticals