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Continuous Liquid Blending Systems

In-line Precision Liquids Blending Systems

for Efficient Continuous Production

Centec are a leading manufacturer of fluid product monitoring sensors and liquids processing systems. Centec Rhotec TR series sensors continuously measure the density of liquids with extreme accuracy, while Sonatec TR uses ultrasound to analyse liquids. When combined with Centec process control technology, the data from these instruments is used to accurately control the flow rates and blending ratios of liquid ingredients, even under variable operating conditions.

Centec automation engineers and software programmers are highly skilled at designing systems for liquids blending. The advent of these technologies enables continuous yet flexible production of numerous products to be achieved with one system, greatly reducing the need for traditional mixing vessels and space consuming finished product storage.

Applications include:

Capacities: Typically 1 to 150 m3/h depending on the application  

All this is achieved with Centec’s combined expertise in Sensor Technology and Process Engineering

Centec - A Unique & Compelling Combination      

Continuous Inline Fluids Dosing and Blending




Premix Prep


Precise Dilution


Emulsion Blend


Minor Additions


Yeast Dosing

Centec Sensors



CO2 + Blend

Yeast Monitor

Aber Instruments